Calling over the holidays - Is it worth it? We say YES!!!

Casadee Wilson - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Want to reduce your cost of client acquisition?

We know that getting a great return on your marketing and sales campaigns is your number 1 priority.

Each year we have clients coming to us in November saying that they want to put their lead generation campaign on hold over December and most of January.  They say:

‘Everyone is on leave…’‘Business shuts down…’‘We need to wind down as our sales team are on leave…’

So we wanted to share with you some amazing facts we have come across when reviewing the results we have achieved for our clients last December & January. Our best results have always come from the work we do at this time. It is a bonanza partly because everyone else thinks it isn’t!

Higher conversion rates

Over December and January our conversion rates are 60% higher on average than other months.  In other words, it takes fewer conversations to generate each new sales opportunity.

Lower cost per lead –

last year we generated 24% more sales leads per hour compared to our average across the rest of the year.  So our clients received 24% more leads for the same cost.

Lower cost of client acquisition

Our clients reported that they closed a significantly higher number of sales from the leads generated by our agents for them during the December and January period.

The holiday season provides the best opportunity to generate qualified sales leads at the lowest cost.

Many people assume it is just not worth making calls through December and January.  However we have seen every year that this time is the best for building your pipeline and generating new sales leads.

Business is quieter

Business really doesn’t ‘shut down’ in December and January. Decision makers usually take off the standard 2 weeks and when they are back in the office they are much more relaxed. They have more time and they are often thinking strategically about the year ahead so they are open to exploring new opportunities or solutions to the problems they are facing. They are much more likely to pick up and the phone and have time to talk.

There is less competition

Odds are your competitors will have put their sales activity on hold. This gives you the chance to stand out and give yourself a two month head start on all of your competition.

Hit January with a full sales pipeline

You don’t stop the hosting of your website, put on hold your SEO or SEM campaigns, you don’t remove your yellow pages listing, or any signage outside your office. You keep your inbound marketing strategies going, so why stop your outbound strategies?

‘When the end of January came along, I got a horrible wake-up call – I had absolutely no new prospects. My sales pipeline had dried up and I had to start again from scratch and it took me till March to get things back on track’

To avoid this happening to you, don’t let your sales pipeline dwindle over Christmas.  We can keep busy filling your calendar or pipeline with new sales opportunities while you’re relaxing and then you’ll hit the ground running early in the new year.