Least Known Truths about Telemarketing Services

Casadee Wilson - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘telemarketing services’ is a total stranger calling you at home to tell you about a product or service that you may or may not know about.

But, there is much more to telemarketing than most people realise.

Telemarketing can be used to compliment your other sales and marketing strategies and can be targeted towards businesses or individuals to achieve a variety of outcomes.  A personalised phone call can generate immediate interest but more importantly it will build rapport, increase brand awareness and create long term opportunities.

B2C Direct sales is the most common and familiar use of telemarketing services. It is where the telemarketer attempts to persuade a consumer at home to buy a product or service during a phone conversation. Your product or service can be presented to thousands of individuals. The choice to buy remains with the consumer.  Some will buy now, some will buy later and some won’t be interested.  This personalised promotion to your target market can generate long term sales opportunities and increased awareness and word of mouth.

B2B Direct sales are most likely to be targeted towards existing clients.  This can be successfully used to promote a special offer or limited release.  Although a direct sales strategy targeting businesses is less common, it can be very successful in generating incremental sales.  The process is likely to take 2 or more conversations to take the decision maker through the sales cycle and close the sale.  Often sales will continue to flow in after the conclusion of the campaign as awareness and recognition is increased.

Lead generation is the generation of consumer interest in your product or service.  This can target consumers or businesses and can be generated for purposes such as list building, e-marketing and future sales opportunity.  Market research can ensure that future marketing activities are targeted towards each prospects area of interest.

B2C in-home consultations and B2B appointment setting involves booking appointments with individuals at home or business decision makers for the field sales teams to meet with the prospects, identify their needs and provide a proposal, quote or assessment tailored to their specific needs.  Bookings are made with individuals or decision makers who meet the required qualification criteria and have an interest in purchasing or learning more about the product or service.  The better positioned these prospects are, the more likely you will be to convert them into sales.

Inbound telemarketing is when the prospects instigate the call and most commonly used for receiving of orders, account enquiries and information requests. The demand will have already been created by previous advertising or marketing campaigns.  These inbound calls give you the opportunity to cross sell and up sell other products and services.

Results and outcomes of any telemarketing campaign will be unique to each campaign.  Even campaigns for the same company and same product will have different results by changing the script, the target market and the outcome sought.  Testing different approaches will allow you to determine the best approach for your business.