Postage stamp price increase makes telemarketing an even more affordable option

Casadee Wilson - Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Easy Leads have always positioned ourselves as providing quality Australian telemarketing at an affordable price. Now with Australia Post increasing the 'Basic Postage Rate' (or price of a standard stamp) from 70c to $1, never has picking up the phone been more cost effective.

Whether it is inviting people to an event, introducing a new product or service, getting clients to complete a survey or updating details, have you considered getting us to do it for you?

So what has changed with Australia Post?

  • The cost of a standard stamp for a letter has increased from 70c to $1
  • The time taken for a standard letter to arrive at its destination will now be 1 – 2 days longer than before
  • Should you wish for mail to arrive sooner then you will need to pay extra for Priority or Express Post

So not only are postage stamps more expensive, delivery will take longer than it did before.

Australia Post have said that the reason for the changes is a result of people not sending as many letters as they used to and they need to make the post office and network and letters service sustainable for the long term.

Why Easy Leads?

At Easy Leads we love doing the one thing that most people find the hardest – picking up the phone and talking to strangers.  Not only do we enjoy what we do, we are great at it and get results.

With the increased costs of postage (and don’t forget factoring in the costs of printing what you are posting, as well as any graphic design required), picking up the phone has never been a more cost effective option.

In addition telemarketing provides instant feedback (and results) as well as enabling a two way, personalised conversation.

So whether you are looking to fill your diary, update your database, fill an event, conduct a survey, promote a product or service or update customer records, confirm details. communicate product recalls, make a community service announcement, or contact your database for any other reason, then give us a call.