Telemarketing: getting in front of your target market

Casadee Wilson - Thursday, February 06, 2014

Using an outbound telemarketing company, or call centre, to promote your business is a highly effective way of putting your business in front of your target market.  Let’s look at some of the options available for businesses today – and see exactly why there are so many ways your business can benefit.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your telemarketing services?

First of all, you can’t go past the fact that outsourcing your telemarketing services is convenient. There’s no need to hire staff or spend tedious hours preparing documentation and training the team. We do all of that for you, freeing up your time to get on with the most important task of running your business.  

Lead generation is a time consuming and tedious job that is usually left till last and inevitably doesn’t get to the top of the list of priorities.  A specialist telemarketing company does nothing else so it’s the best way of ensuring the job gets done.  

When you’re making your own outbound sales calls it’s too easy to get caught up in the detail and take each rejection as a personal blow.  Telemarketing companies know that it’s a numbers game and for every NO received its one more NO closer to a YES.

Sounds good! So what can telemarketing do for you?

Telemarketing can achieve any objective requiring a phone and a personal conversation.  We can call individuals at home or people at work to:

  • Create a marketing database
  • Generate a pipeline of future sales opportunities
  • Set appointments
  • Book workshops, seminars or consultations
  • Conduct market research or surveys

So, how do I choose an outbound call centre?

Anyone that talks to potential clients on behalf of your company is representing your business, so it pays to choose the right team that you can trust.  If you’re not sure who to choose, you may want to consider the following questions:

  • Where are their telemarketing agents located?
  • How are their telemarketing agents trained and motivated?
  • How do they monitor results?
  • Do they have any success stories?

There is still a huge need for telemarketing even in today’s highly digital world.  Telemarketing is the best way to get in front of your market if:

  • they don’t know about your business or solution
  • you need an immediate response or an unavoidable a call to action
  • you want to grow your business

If you’d like to find learn more about how telemarketing can help you achieve your marketing objectives, contact us here by email or call us on 02 8488 8266.