The Subtle Skills of a Call Centre Expert

Casadee Wilson - Monday, July 13, 2015

An effective call centre operator has a combination of abilities to find the right customers and turn “no” into “yes”. There are key tactics involved with each call to maximise the number of conversions. It takes someone with experience and knowledge to get the best results.

Perfect the script

When dealing with a new product or event for sale, often the original script is a long way from the one that works best to engage potential customers. An experienced operator will tweak and refine a script based on feedback and each customer experience. If something repeatedly doesn’t work, it’s time to try another tactic. Often a small change to a phrase or question can work wonders and lead to better sales.

Keep an eye on the clock

Not as in waiting for home time!

People aren’t expecting their day to be interrupted by a call from a stranger. It’s important, even if the customer seems interested, not to waste their time. The best strategy is to get the most important details first and to be open with a client about how much longer they’ll be on the line.

Be persuasive but not pushy

Nobody likes a bully, especially on the other end of the phone. The key to making sales is to find out if the customer has a problem that can be solved, and help them to understand how the product or service on offer will solve that problem. Not everyone is the right customer, but a lot of people just need a gentle incentive to get over the line.

Know your product

When calling on behalf of a company, it’s so important for the customer to believe that this is the only business the operator represents. In order to convey that, a well trained call centre operator will have answers to the most common questions ready. They’ll have the resources they need to answer any question without appearing confused or ignorant of the finer details. It’s about more than products and services as well, but about the company’s culture and how it is represented as a brand.

Make friends

People will buy from someone they like. A good operator who can convey a likeability and an interest in the person they’re talking to will have a better success rate. Being relaxed and open to some light conversation can turn a hostile customer into one who is willing to chat more while they reach for their bank card.

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