Too busy to find new leads but need more sales?

Casadee Wilson - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Who has enough spare time to cold call to find new sales? Most sales teams are busy responding to inbound leads and chasing the next hot sale. The reality is that outbound lead generation requires consistent work to develop a pipeline of long term opportunities. Sales teams are unlikely to prioritize a task with such a long term focus when they can concentrate their efforts of opportunities likely to deliver more immediate results.

But if you don’t develop an outbound sales channel, you are potentially missing a large share of the market. Outbound lead generation is the best way to connect with prospects who wouldn’t have found you otherwise. There could be thousands of prospects out there that don’t know how to find you, don't know your solution exists or don't have time to go looking for it.

Outbound lead generation allows you to introduce your solutions to new markets, increase awareness and build a new sales channel and pipeline of opportunities. Because outbound sales leads have a longer sales cycle, the pipeline needs to be built even when the sales team is busy so that opportunities are there to close during the quiet times.

So what do you do if your sales team is too focused on short term sales to focus on longer term lead generation? Well of course you outsource it to the experts! Professional lead generation companies stay focused on finding new sales opportunities because their focus is to find interested prospects rather than closing a sale. What was a long term focus for your sales team becomes an immediate priority for an outsourced lead generation company so it never gets neglected.