Why Easy Leads is different – a Sales Agents perspective

Casadee Wilson - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The harsh reality about working in our industry is that no one simply wakes up in the morning and decides that they want to be a telemarketer. It’s not the answer to the age old question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ and its not typically considered of as a long term career. It’s not something that I ever saw myself doing. But now after 5 years I cannot see myself anywhere else.

That’s because we don’t simply telemarket. We all believe in what we do and what we do is support.

We support Australian business owners and sales teams. We contribute to peoples’ lives, families’ dependant on their companies succeeding to survive. We support kids and schools, making education programs what they should be – fun, interesting and memorable!

We are the people who answered the question with ‘I just want to help people’.

Both our sales agents and management team are driven by a passion to do this. They strive to achieve quality and help real people. That is why our clients sign up and our staff never want to leave.

We also sound like real people, because that’s what we are. No robots, unsympathetic to different people with diverse needs and requirements. We search for the needle in the haystack – the person who has a want, a genuine requirement for our client’s product or service and then we help them. It’s that simple.

I look around the office and I see a bunch of ‘typical Aussies’. A mixed bag of business owners, ex business owners or executives, semi retirees, mums and dads – all friendly people who love to talk.

We work with an amazingly talented management team. Including the most dedicated and honest boss that I have truly ever had the pleasure to work for. Sure he thinks his jokes are a lot funnier than they really are, but you can’t have everything. (Not to mention I bet not many people can actually say that to their boss!).

I have a work environment that is so much more than just a job to me. It’s more than a weekly wage or a way to make ends meet. It’s a family to which I am proud to belong.

I feel it is unfortunate the reputation that telemarketing has – when I am so immensely proud of the reputation that that we have earned and all personally worked so hard to help achieve. Our reputation is vital to our survival and the reality is that unlike many in our industry, when we talk to someone on the phone we don’t ‘set off the telemarketer alarm’. That little voice in the back of peoples’ heads that screams ‘oh no, not another one’ after the poor telemarketer has only got out the first sentence – let’s face it we have all been there. Now whenever I get a cold call at home the first thing I think of is ‘where is this poor person working?’ More often than not they have no ability to go off script or are even allowed to put any tone other than monotone into what they are saying. There is no passion there, no belief in what they are doing is right and absolutely no enjoyment for their job.

Poor things. It’s a reminder of how much I love going to work each day.

Our main difference isn’t anything secret or mystical. It’s nothing that we try to sell for three simple payments of $99.95 online. It’s just common sense.

We listen, we make a monolog a dialog. We don’t ask you how your day has been, find out that your cat has just died and then try to sell you a scratching post. But when the hard work is done, the fun begins. Our culture is second to none – competitions and targets to work towards encouraging a fun and competitive environment that makes the office literally buzz with excitement and opportunity. It’s why I have stayed so long.