Affordable, approachable and Australian customer communicators.

We provide B2C sales and marketing services, whilst our sister company, Forrest Marketing Group (FMG), is well-known for its B2B expertise.

So, what is Easy Leads all about?

We’re a leading Australian provider of affordable B2C telemarketing, telefundraising and lead generation solutions.

In short, our team of friendly agents are experts in customer communication. They deliver great results which will boost your business. And they do it all with a smile.

We pride ourselves in providing an Australian service. We work with clients across Australia, and we’re based here too. We keep our offering affordable, enabling people like you to outsource your B2C telemarketing and telefundraising to a trusted Australian provider, rather than to offshore services.

Our customer service is excellent. Our specialist communicators are experts at speaking to your customers and potential customers on the phone. So, let them do what they do best and you can reclaim time to play to your strengths too.


The Easy Leads story

We launched Easy Leads in 2013. We wanted to offer simple, cost effective call centre services. It’s important to us to be affordable for small businesses and charities around Australia.

Our sister company, Forrest Marketing Group (FMG) was established in 2006. FMG is a thriving telemarketing company offering call centre services to B2B companies.

Our Founder, Richard Forrest, realised that there was a need for simple, accessible solutions for B2C companies and charities too. Thus Easy Leads was created to provide quality call centre services specifically for the needs of B2C and charities.

We’ve become an industry leader in Australia and we continue to develop and support increasing numbers of people across the country.

Trusted by

“The set up was very professional and the team did a fantastic job that surpassed our expectations. Should we choose to do a similar campaign in the future, we are absolutely going to book it with Easy Leads. The return of investment has been excellent.”

L J Hooker Glenorchy, Marketing dept.

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