Who makes the calls?

We do!  Our brilliant telemarketers are all local Sydney-siders and mature ex-professionals.  They all have great conversational skills and know how to get great results.  We will never assign your campaign to a student, traveller or overseas call centre.

Where are you based?

In Sydney!  We believe the best results can only be achieved by having everyone working together in one office.  We have created a culture of fun and hard work mixed with a good dose of competition to achieve high quality and consistent results.

What do you do?

Anything that involves a telephone and the gift of the gab!  Our telemarketers love doing the one thing that most people find the hardest – picking up the phone and talking to strangers.  We’ll call anyone on your behalf, deliver any message and achieve any outcome.  It’s only limited by your imagination.

Are there any additional charges?

All time spent on your campaign will simply be completed out of the hours you have ordered.  The only additional charge would be the cost of a lead list from a list broker (database of records to call) if you don’t already have your own.

Who do you call?

We can call through your database or help you source one for your campaign.  Once we have a list, we upload it to our system for the agents to call through.  Each transaction is recorded with an outcome and information can be collected with each conversation to update contact details or gather market intelligence. On completion of your campaign you will receive a final report based on the outcomes of each conversation and the exported database which can be used again for future marketing activities.

When do you make the calls?

We roster each campaign depending on where we are calling and the time difference.  Our B2B campaigns are rostered so that we are callng locally between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  Our B2C campaigns are rostered to be calling locally up to 8pm Monday to Friday and up to 5pm Saturday.

Are there any guarantees?

We don’t guarantee results as each campaign is different and there will be extremely varied results depending on who we are calling and the offer we are presenting.  As our minimum orders are just 4 weeks in length and you’re not locked into any long term contracts, we know you won’t stick with us if we don’t deliver results.  So it’s our priority to make sure we do such a great job on your campaign that you reorder and recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

What do I receive?

You will be notified of all appointments set or sales achieved during each shift.  Your telemarketer will be in contact with you regularly and you can contact them directly if you would like to make changes or gain feedback on your campaign.  When your ordered hours have been completed you will receive an export of the updated database.  Additional reporting can be provided and the time to produce these will be deducted from your ordered hours.

What happens next?

Keep going!  Once you see the results you are getting you will definitely want to order more hours.  Order as many or as few hours as you need with a minimum of 20 hours a week.  But be quick!  To retain your assigned agent, you will need to book them in early.